Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dying curly hair

I've read several different sites about how to dye curly hair and frankly I was intimidated by them. It made the whole idea downright scary. So I decided to figure out how I could dye my hair, and being the impatient person that I am, I wanted to do it easily and quickly.

First, I did take my time in the drugstore. I read all the different brands, read their ingredients and made the decision that I wanted a product with no ammonia, but was permanent. I finally came to Revlon Colorsilk. Not only was the price point perfect at only $3.00, it had no ammonia and claimed to make your hair better. Who doesn't want better hair? I bought two applications since my hair is very thick and wanted to be sure I had enough to saturate every strand. I wanted my hair only a shade lighter, about the colour of my eyes which is a medium to light brown depending on the light.

That night I read the instructions which told me to do a strand test, meaning I had to cut some hair and dye it the night before. I did as I was told and was happy with the results.

Now, for the heavy lifting...

I rinsed my hair the next morning to make sure it was clean and then blow dried it straight (not too straight of course but enough to get it dry and manageable). I began to work the dye throughout my hair. And as predicted, halfway through I ran out and had to apply the second application. As instructed I waited 25 minutes before rinsing out my hair. The entire process must have taken about an hour.

The results were fantastic. My hair felt softer and had less frizz. I was also pleased with the resulting colour. I didn't want anything too different. Now that it's summer, my hair will only get lighter and have natural highlights.

Stay tuned to read about my review of L'Oreal's new Everpure line. It sounds promising.

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