Friday, August 21, 2009

Trimming Curly Hair for Next to Nothing

I have this belief that just because I am broke doesn’t mean I have to look the part! I consider myself a resourceful and savvy shopper, even before this economy went downhill. So, when I found myself unemployed and unable to afford my $130 haircuts (not including the tip), I had to improvise. So after over a year of seeing my wonderful stylist in NYC who specializes in curly hair, I cheated on her with SuperCuts. I’m not advocating leaving your stylist altogether. She has to make a living as well and depends on her following, however, I do suggest fudging a bit. I also know that I had to give up the luxuries that come with the $130 cut, such as a very relaxing shampoo and fabulous style. But, at $15, this was by far the easiest and cheapest cut I’ve ever had and she did exactly as I told her. Plus, I got one of those frequent user cards where my 10th cut is free!

How I did it: I straightened my hair and drove to the nearest SuperCuts where I simply asked for a trim, a mere dusting of the ends if you will. The stylist can cut your hair dry. I already had a great shape from my usual stylist and just needed those annoying little knots that form in curly hair to be gone. I’ve always had my hair cut wet while it was curly since that is the way I wear my hair, however, once I straightened my hair, I had a better idea of what the ends looked like. In the end I was quite pleased with the result and will employ this method to cutting my hair more often.

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