Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New product coming soon!

I've been in my lab working diligently on the next wonderful product of Wonder Curl. The other day I thought I botched the last batch for testing. This was particularly heart breaking since I made almost 32ozs of it. In

Being my father's child and hating to waste anything, I spent the morning in bed brainstorming on how I can fix this batch and not throw it out. Put it in the blender! Pure genius. What was born is 'Get Slick Hair Smoothie'

Get Slick Hair Smoothie is incredibly moisturizing and smoothing for curly hair. It's made with castor oil which coats and protects the hair, coconut oil to penetrate and strengthen hair and blended with distilled aloe vera water. You get soft hair without feeling greasy.

Get Slick Hair Smoothie is perfectly blended and works in concert with Get Set Hair Jelly.

Stay tuned!


Kim said...

I want the first batch! I love Castor and Coconut oil on my hair! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! These ingredients sound extra yummy and great for the hair. I can't wait to try this:-)