Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ode to the Afro

I'm convinced that just about everyone loves the Afro. People stare and smile as I walk by when my hair has minimum product in it and does what it does naturally, frizz and grow and grow. While I love the attention this fetching style grabs, I dread the time to comb it out.

I get into the shower and dip my head under the water and nothing happens. It's as if the Afro is like duck feathers and water rolls right off of it. Having a lot of conditioner comes in handy, a wide tooth comb and patience. I turn the water off at this stage (a curly girl is an eco girl). Section hair, add goo gobs of conditioner and I begin the daunting task of combing the tangles out.

The Afro is a powerful look and statement. It is a style that emotes confidence and awe. However, it is important that the wearer protects their hair to keep from drying and tangling. It is also imperative to take great care when washing and conditioning your Afro.

I'm back to my usual style, putting my Afro into hiatus again until the next time.
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stunning!!!!, your hair is stunning!!!