Monday, June 7, 2010

Have Summer...Will Highlight!

In my effort to appear as if I am perpetually on vacation, I have decided to add highlights to my hair. Since I am a self-proclaim Budget Socialite, I wanted this at the cheapest cost possible.

At home highlights really aren’t as frightening as it may seem. I decided to forgo the highlighting kits since trying to tame my curly mane and pulling my hair through one of those caps or attempting to use a brush to apply to each strand were out of the question, time consuming and painful sounding. I am also about instant gratification. I wanted highlights as quickly and with the least amount of effort possible.

What I did and how I did it:

You will need:
A small mixing bowl – that you will toss later
A brush – you can get an elf foundation brush for only $1 at Target
Hair dye – choose a colour that will compliment your current colour

The trickiest part was choosing a colour. Since I already lighten my hair, I wanted a colour that would compliment my ends, but also blend my dark roots easily. I went with Revlon Colorsilk because it’s only $3 at Walmart and claims no ammonia on the box. I settled on Light Golden Brown as this colour is reminiscent to my youthful days when I ran played outside all day during the summer and the crown of my hair would lighten to a colour similar to the box.

After reading a nifty trick on about braiding your hair to create highlights, I decided to employ this technique to my own hair. So, I braided my hair into four cornrows, however you can do as many or as few braids as you wish. I then mixed the contents of the hair dye, shook in the bottle supplied then poured into the small bowl.

Now the fun part…

I used the brush to apply the hair dye directly on my hair, applying only to the top part of my braid. I added some hair day to roots and down to the ends. Once I was satisfied, I placed a plastic cap over my hair and waited a few minutes, checking on the progress intermittently.

When I was happy with the colour, I washed out immediately then styled my hair as usual.

This entire process took maybe a half an hour, give or take a few minutes.

My only regret, not knowing about this when I first lightened my entire head, I would have done this instead! to see the photo album with more pictures.


Curly Workshop said...

I think most people spend so much time worrying about their curly hair that they dont realise how much more freedom curls have - a TINY error would look awful on dead straight hair, but with curls you can literally go crazy and still look beautiful at the end! ;0)

Wonder Curl said...

I agree. I felt that I had a better margin of error with my hair than if it was straight.