Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Wonder Curl Website

What's new?
We have migrated to hosting who uses 100% wind technology, better for the earth, better for us!
Integrated shopping cart for smoother shopping experience!
More scents to choose from with a drop down menu... See More
Choose between First Class and Priority shipping.
If you live in the Bloomfield, NJ area, you can order online and pick up your purchase, no shipping!


Lawrence said...

"I am interested in going natural but I don't have naturally curly hair or anything like that and my hair is also very soft (wont hold curls). I don't want my hair to look nappy but have a curled look. So would I need to do the same steps so that my hair will go natural in a non nappy sort of way?"

Wonder Curl said...

There are different kinds of techniques you can do to give your hair waves or curls. I'd suggest two-strand twists or using perm rods to add curls to your hair. Using Get Set Hair Jelly will set your hair in those style when it dries and will help to keep the look for a few days. Check out youtube videos that other naturals have put out. They are very informative.

Shawnystheone said...

Do you mean Bloomfield NJ? I want to place an order and I live in West Orange NJ

Wonder Curl said...

Yes, I'm in NJ! Email me at to get your information. I now accept C.O.D. so you don't have to go through paypal or google checkout (you are still welcome to do so).